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About Scrimba

Our goal is to create the best possible coding school at the cost of a gym membership. If we succeed with this, it will give anyone who wants to become a software developer a realistic shot at succeeding. Regardless of where they live and the size of their wallets.

To achieve this, we have created a new video format for code screencasts. We call it “scrims”. This format is the backbone of our school. Not only because it results in a superior learning experience. But also because it enables us to iterate more quickly, to attract better teachers, to facilitate better peer-learning, to keep server costs low, and much more.

If you're a teacher who's interested in creating a course on Scrimba, please send us an email with an example video where you teach a topic to hello@scrimba.com

the company

Scrimba AS is a remote company based in Oslo, Norway. We're backed by StartupLab, Nordic Makers, Alliance Venture and Amasia. You can follow the company on Twitter here.

the team

Per Harald Borgen, a co-founder of Scrimba

Per Harald Borgen

Co-founder & CEO

Wants everyone to have a shot at improving their lives by learning to code.

Sindre Aarsæther, a co-founder member of Scrimba

Sindre Aarsæther

Co-founder & CTO

Creator of the Imba programming language.

Frode Jensen, a co-founder of Scrimba

Frode Jensen

Co-founder & COO

Checks that things are running and tends to the garden 🌱

Leanne Rybintsev, a team members of Scrimba

Leanne Rybintsev

Operations Lead

Fond of coffee, code and cats. Works on live streams, emails and building internal apps! 👩🏻‍🔧

Alex Booker, a team member of Scrimba

Alex Booker

Scrimba Podcast Host

👨‍💻 Self-taught Developer + 🎙️ Host of The Scrimba Podcast + ▶️ YouTuber

Roku Blac, a team member of Scrimba

Roku Blac

Design & Customer Support

Just a guy trying to make cool things.

Endzo Useri, a team member of Scrimba

Endzo Useri

Customer Support

Here to help with any Scrimba support needs. Can be reached at help@scrimba.com and on Discord.

Bob Ziroll, a team member of Scrimba

Bob Ziroll


Helping others achieve their career goals

Guil Hernandez, a team member of Scrimba

Guil Hernandez


Lifelong learner, enthusiastic about changing lives through tech education and mentoring. Enjoys spending time on the Florida waters on a kayak or paddle board 🏄🏻‍♂️ ☀️

Tom Chant, a team member of Scrimba

Tom Chant


Taking the pain out of learning to code 😫 ➡️ 🥳

Treasure Porth, a team member of Scrimba

Treasure Porth


Frontend software engineer and JavaScript enthusiast who loves to teach, learn and build awesome things in Vue.js and React.

Rafid Hoda, a team member of Scrimba

Rafid Hoda


Code addict. Sucker for true crime docs. Occasional amateur chef.

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani, a team member of Scrimba

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani

Product & Development

Head of ideas department. Thrives in unexplored land 🏝

Mikey, a team member of Scrimba

Mikey Oz

Product & Development

Likes to meditate, code, and help others learn.

Daniel Butler, a team member of Scrimba

Daniel Butler

Design Lead

Design, branding, UX/UI, Figma files, and a whole lot more!

Michael Rybintsev, a team member of Scrimba

Michael Rybintsev

Live-code host

I learn, write about and help others learn code. Also interested in coffee, growing fruit, and surfing.

Pumpkin the cat, the team mascot of Scrimba



Team Mascot and live stream star. Fond of the washing basket and window sills.