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Learn Firebase

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The course creator Rafid Hoda

with Rafid Hoda

Course level: Intermediate

A deep dive into Firebase, a cloud service from Google that lets you build powerful apps by just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript without a backend. This course cover Authentication, Cloud Firestore and Security Rules.

What's inside

This course contains 38 interactive scrims spread across 2 modules.

two girls

You'll learn

How to setup Firebase


Email and password auth

Google auth

Sign in/out

Cloud Firestore

Adding data to a db

Fetching data

Updating data in realtime

Security Rules

Functions in Security Rules


Updating documents

Deleting documents

You'll build


A private mood journal app for your personal thoughts and feelings.



Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Below are our suggested resource to get you up to speed.

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Rafid Hoda

Been obsessed with the computer ever since I was a young kid. It was my first love. Created my first video tutorial in 2005 at the age of 14. Almost 20 years later and I'm doing the same here at Scrimba. Hah take that mom and dad! Who's wasting their life on the computer now?

Why this course rocks

You know when coding really becomes fun? 

When you can start building real, useful apps that actually solve problems. As a front-end developer you might think that that's impossible without a backend.

That's where Firebase comes in. By using Firebase you can implement almost any feature that you'd want to add to your app by just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This is possible made possible by Firebase's cloud architecture that gives you powerful functionalities through functions you can call.

And by using Security Rules, we can make sure that the apps we build are actually secure.

This changes the game completely. And this course is supposed to be THE place to go if you're an intermediate coder wanting to learn Firebase.

So feel free to find exactly what you're looking for and move around the course.

But, if you wanna go start to finish, we'll be building a private mood journal app called Moody that will cover: How to let your users create an account and sign in to your app. See their profile picture and be greeted by the app. Choose a mood and write a post about how they are feeling. Add that post to the database and immediately see the app update with the new post in realtime. Be able to sort posts by day, week, month using date filters. Make the app secure and only let a user see their own posts.

There will be plenty of challenges throughout the course to keep you busy and ensure that you understand the material.

By the end, you'll have a good understanding of how to use the knowledge you've learned to start integrating Firebase features into your own apps.

Over the next few months, this course will also be updated with a PART 2 that will cover Cloud Storage (uploading files) and Firebase hosting.

F to the A oracle to the Q
What is Firebase?

Firebase is a set of cloud services that are very helpful for any kind of developer. Be it saving data in a database, uploading files, or using authentication. Firebase is owned by Google and is used by millions of developers around the world. In this course, we'll be learning about the Realtime Database that Firebase offers - a super simple database that is an absolute joy to work with.

Is Firebase free to use?

As far as this course is concerned, yes Firebase is free to use. You can build apps and not worry about paying anything to anyone. If you manage to create an app that actually starts taking off you will need to go for a paid plan. But that is a luxury problem to have, so no need to worry about that.

Wait... this is PART 1?

Yes, there will be a PART 2 with an entirely new project that covers Cloud Storage (uploading files) and Firebase Hosting. However, you can enroll in this course right away, as this first part stands on its own legs.